Your relationship with Coe Concierge is important for two reasons:

  1. We take care of your home in your absence.
  2. We give you peace of mind.

We offer a variety of home watch services including:


  • A visual, walk around, inspection of the home to check that all points of entry are secure.
  • Pick up of unsolicited papers, phone books, door flyer’s, oil delivery slips, etc. that suggest the property is unattended.
  • Removal of small branches or debris on walkway to front door or street-side entries.
  • Ground inspection of roof damages from ice, snow or wind.
  • Inspections to confirm that winter plowing and shoveling have been done.


  • Insure that the alarm system is armed.
  • Check light timer settings.
  • Inspect for evidence of pest intrusion.
  • Run faucets, flush toilets and check for leaks or water damage each month.
  • Check for storm related damages.
  • Confirm temperature settings.

Additional concierge services available for home watch clients may include:

  • Project oversight and vendor access
  • In home residency for security or pet care.
  • Post storm services
  • Plant watering
  • Vehicle starting/running
  • Authorized point of contact for emergency alarm signal with local authorities.
  • Vendor management, delivery entry and overseeing of vendor services such as carpet cleaning, window washing, landscaping and home repairs.
  • Seasonal opening and closing assistance.
  • Pre-storm removal or tie down of patio furniture, grills and post storm replacement.
  • Storm damage photo services.
  • Real estate consulting and agent selection for sale, lease or rental.
  • Owner representation for elderly home owners.

Additional concierge services for owners, tenants and guests may be arranged upon request.

Inquiries may be directed to Dean Coe at 508-888-8029.